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Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
. you know that steve young was on five times. joe montana 13 times. steve spurrer and john bro di have also been on. one year ago alex smith was on the cover before losing the nfc championship against the giants but don't expect any kind of si jings this time around. >> last year going into it we really didn't know what to expect. not many of us had been in the playoffs previously. you know we got in there. the intensity was a little bit more than what we expected. you know, we adjusted. we played well, beat the saints, and we went out there against you know new york giants, and we didn't take care of business. we didn't really understand the magnitude of the moment. >> they do now. five of the 49ers nine probowlers were brought to san francisco by former head coach mike nolan. >> here we go. let's go. it's on the script. stay with the script. >> nolan is gone from calling falcon in san francisco to coaching them in atlanta. here's the defensive coordinator for the falcons now. he's a little fearful of the team he helped build in san francisco. >> it's nice to know certain guys be
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Jan 27, 2013 9:00pm PST
partners with a democrat, former senator john bro. the political debates that we sau see oftentimes are a little bit like professional wrestling. it's not always what it appears to be. and let it not be said that in washington, d.c. that they don't believe in family values because, to become part of this aristocracies. oftentimes the best way to do it is either to marry into it or to be born into it it's remarkable how many members of congress have family members who are registered lobbyists. consider bill young in florida who has been in office since 1971. he is the head of a very powerful subcommittee that controls spending on defense. he has a daughter-in-law registered lobbists. she has lobbied on one issue. and done so successfully. it's on defense spending. consider the case of senator harry reid. majority leader democrat from nevada. he has several family members registered lobbists. son lobbied on several groups and secured $50 million in earmarks. he also has another son who is involved in a a billion dollars venture involving a chinese effort to develop an energy project in th
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Jan 10, 2013 8:00am PST
-- the senate and the house on capitol hill see him overly rigid. wyoming senator john bros. sew is chairman of the foreign policy committee. nice to have you back on the program. >> thank you, jenna. jenna: i was looking at a report from bob woodward, speaker boehner apparently told woodward that he asked the president to keep jack lew at the white house, to not send him to capitol hill because he was tired of hearing the word "no" so many times. what's your reaction to this nomination if. >> well, jack lew is very partisan, and he's very political. but the fundamental problem, jenna, are are the president's policies and the president's addiction to spending. to me, that's the bigger issue. wewe are $16 trillion in debt, t is the greatest threat to our national security, and yet jack lew and the president think that spending isn't the problem. wasteful government spending is the problem. jenna: well, you've had four years of the president. in his current role, you also have had time to get to know jack lew in a couple different roles. so knowing what you know, knowing these are kno
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Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
got jim and john harbaugh, the bro bowl. or the brother bowl. harbaugh bowl or the har-bowl or. >> the older is john and he is he to your right. >> steve: baltimore. >> brian: he's to the right of your screen and first thing he said to his parents after the game i'm used to hearing that from players, but really from his coaches and his brother called to wish him luck. >> gretchen: yeah, it will be a problematic for the parents, and particularly, they win no matter what, look at it that way and the family wins no matter what, although maybe they'll go back in time to when they really bugged each other when they were brothers like under ten. remember those times with your siblings? >> well, i will be there at the super bowl thursday friday, saturday, sunday, but i'm disappointed that bob kraft will be the best owner in sports. and he salutes the other team and he'll come out and talk again, what kind of example is that? you've got to lose with grace as well. >> steve: it's been a bad example for a number of years. e-mail us now, and brian mentioned the parents. if you're the harb
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Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
me. yeah, raiders defeated 49ers 16-6. jim and john are going to be up against in the bro-bowl. dabs one of the guy -- >> dana: one of those guys isn't liked, right? one of them has a bad reputation? >> kimberly: they're both good dudes. their parents are still alive, god bless them. the mom will go for the younger brother and the dad for the older brother. >> dana: that is an angle for a morning show. >> eric: i heard you invited bob to come watch a football game. >> kimberly: not us. >> eric: stay for the second one? >> dana: no, he didn't. he went home at a respectable time. i don't think he could take it anymore. >> bob: it was wonderful, but you were going to bed. >> dana: i did go to bed around 9:00. >> kimberly: you ate all the dip. >> bob: i didn't. >> kimberly: what was in it? >> dana: i made in a crock pot. hamburger meat, sour cream, velveeta cheese and salsa. you couldn't go wrong. >> bob: if you want to talk about the game, go ahead. >> eric: what game? >> bob: better than the game right now? bet? >> eric: i will take -- who do you like? >> bob: i likebe 49ers. >>
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
. what's now called the har-bowl. i've even heard bro-bowl. if you believe jim harbaugh, he has not spoken to john since the niners beat the falcons on sunday. even father jack is keeping a lid on it. maybe because they had to endure the hype last year when the ravens beat jim's 49'ers. >> doesn't matter who the coach is, or, you know, what relationship you have with somebody on the opposite side. you're trying to beat 'em. >> can we forget that stuff? we did it last year, it was fine. it got old last year, right? >> love you, man. >> love you too. >> no matter how it comes out, we're brothers. >> exactly right. >> you can't change that. >> exactly right. >> every moment you're talking about myself or john, you know, that's less time that the players are going to be talked about. >> we had a few dreams, a few fights, we had a few arguments, just like all brothers, yeah, i guess so. we'll try to stay out of that business. we'll let the teams duke it out as much as possible. >> we haven't spoken, a couple texts. >> can you imagine the family events after the super bowl? >> i can't bel
Jan 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
been american policy since george h.w. bush 22 years ago negotiated this with congress. it was bro posed george w. bush. it was agitated by john mccain and the wounded warriors, and the chamber of commerce? and john kerry and bob dole, and it was voted down, including five votes, key votes, from former colleagues of bob dole's, friends and colleagues who worked with him, despite his appearance just out of bethesda naval hospital in a wheelchair, on the senate floor, wheeled by his wife, former senator, all over what the senate foreign relations committee had a full legislative record, the hearings indicated that the black helicopters were not coming and this was not some crazy requirement on america. it was simply that 26 other countries have ratified this, and it went down. and so i'm still trying to understand the opposition. >> what do you think? >> i think it's fear. and that's why dr. jackson -- it's not based on fact. on reality. it's fear, and that's what people -- andrea used, someone is able to hype this notion that we're somehow agreeing to one world government by signing
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Jan 27, 2013 4:00pm PST
. john harbaugh with the ravens, jim harbaugh with the 4ers and you'll hear plenty of that. the bro-bowl, the bros-bowl and of cars the har-bowl all very clever. >> harris: so your houston texans aren't in it. my cheese head dream come true isn't in it. colin kaepernick and joe he flacco and people are saying who the heck of the q.b.'s. >> colin kaepernick, out of university of nevada reno, took over mid season and joe flacco, university of delaware, both have great stories and have been fantastic over the playoffs. joe flacco, his fifth year in the nfl and hasn't thrown an interception all playoff long, three touchdowns away for tying joe montana for most in a post season. >> harris: and kaepernick is always kissing his arm. >> and he kisses his biceps, and i don't have one, but that's what he does. if he scores a touchdown expect that next season. >> harris: that was for our senior producer whos has that. and ray lewis, potentially a swan song, unless he comes back with baltimore, and that's where we'll leave it. >> he says he would retire and nobody thought they'd go to the super bowl
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
his brother john who is the coach of the baltimore ravens. it is being dubbed by some, the har-bough or the bro-bowl. earlier today it looked like the 40 inintoers would be spectators -- the 49ers would be spectators at the super bowl. 24-14 falcons at the half. the 49ers would overcome a 17-point deficit and take the lead in the fourth quarter with frank gore scoring this touchdown to make it 28-24 and that lead held up as the niners held here on fourth down in the fourth quarter. bowman with the key deflection in the final moments. the inintoers win it 28-2 -- the niners win it 28-2 tour and will fogs the baltimore ravens. >> this will be the 40 newspaperrers first super super bowl appearance was lead in the 1994 season. >> i was there and remember it well. check out the scene in atlanta. the niners celebrating. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta with reaction from the 9er. >> the 49ers are on their way to their 6th superbowl franchise history and they become the first team in nfl history to make it to the super bowl with a second year head coach examine quarterba
Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm PST
that the most recent issue of sports stands tomorrow will feature brother's jim and john harbgaugh face to face the caption reads: har-bowl sunday there will be blood our young staff prefers the term: "super-bro" here's more from the brothers you may have missed >> it does not matter who the coach is. for what relationship they have with somebody on the opposite side that would be my approach. >> every story is being told. there is really nothing else to tell. we are just like any other family, really. >> we have not spoken just a few text messages. >> i cannot say it enough they will bore you the tough and downplay it. downplay it until the media will run out of speed. conan o'brien. >> for the first time a both super bowl teams are coached by brothers. that is cool (cheers & applause) ltd. a their father said today i will only be disappointed in one of you. >> add the kaepernick story tonight is that there are only two quarterbacks that have started with less experience. ray lewis' first ever career it gave harbaugh an opportunity. >> you know, this is a man for all seasons. he is a t
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> it is on sunday. what about this -- how long will the post game handshake between jim and john harbaugh last. the over/under is seven and a half seconds. >> the odds makers are good. >> does it include the half hug? >> the bro hug. >> there you go. >> in new york, jimmy fallon talking about the pros and cons of the super bowl this morning. >> got to love fallon. taking a shot at everything from the 49ers slogan to, of course, the kardashians. take a listen. >> pro, the 49ers team slogan is who's got it better than us? nobody. con, baltimore's is that's so ravens. pro, the word 49 hers refers to people in california that dig for gold. con, so does the word kardashian. >> wow! bam. >> fun zingers there. >> 5:27. let's see what weather is zinging us. rob, what's going on? >> a nice start to the morning. brisk outside. you need a light winter coat. 30s and 40s for now. nothing but clear skies and sunshine for the afternoon. we should be safely in the 60s today. near 60 san francisco. mid 60s around the south bay trending warmer here to wrap up the work week. for a look at the morni
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am PST
call includes 49ers head coach, jim, and the ravens head coach, john harbaugh and their parents jackie and jack. jim and job will become the first brothers to coach against each other in the super bowl or the "bro bowl." we will introduce you to the birth mom star quarterback kaepernick and what she is saying after she gave him up for adoption. we have an entire team headed to the super bowl, and the sports director larry beale and mike shumann will be joined by wayne freed man and raise the roof katie marzullo, with live reports from new orleans next week and we will tweet updates at abc7 news bay area. >> we appreciate the support i am getting from the morning team. >> we will find support from you and you will be the first to get it. >> i will make you proud. >> we have traffic and weather together next on abc7 morning news with a live look outside this morning at the san mateo richmond bridge and mike nicco will have the full accweather forecast. >> doctors have been telling us of the dangers of smoking for 50 years and a new warning could make you think twice about li >> go
Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
agencies. you know, it was clapper who said to david petraeus, look, bro, you got to go after his affair. it's pretty hard to imagine jim clapper saying something similar to john brennan, who has been sitting with the president in the oval office day after day, directing drone strikes, also working on cyber issues which are very important both to the president and to john brennan. it's really hard to imagine that. so i think john brennan may keep a lot of his bureaucratic power, but have the entire cia behind him too. and that makes him an extremely important player. >> it makes it such a double sided endorsement. pick john brennan because he is so close to the president, he'll be incredibly effective as a director. also, if you want the cia to be even more powerful than it, is this is the guy who is going to bring presidential power even to that agency. >> yep. >> fascinating stuff. noah schactman editor of danger room, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> appreciate it. >>> from the brass section, from the brass section, it's not each a metaphor for the military. t
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
big shot is, when he faces off against his big brother, john, on february 3rd, at the super bowl. are we calling it the superbro bowl? >> bro bowl. >> yeah. somewhere the word bro is. >> the super bowl. >> they're trying to incorporate the brother thing. talk amongst yourselves. >>> and the cat dance film festival is on its way. a couple of finalists in this year's competition, include "catalog" about a couple who order a bedspread, and are surprised that when the cat shown in the picture is shipped with the comforter. it's a real tearjerker. there's also "rocky," which is nothing like the version starring sylvester stallone. this tells the story of a touching relationship with his cat. and at the cat dance film festival, all finalists are awarded with the golden litter scoop. >> of course, they are. >> i know you needed to know. i'm here for you, this morning. >>> and finally, pop quiz, everybody are you ready? what figure skating champion has traded in her blades for a bridal gown, marrying a white house staffer over the weekend? george knows it. but you're not allowed. >>> we'll ha
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)